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Download the Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Facebook Ads

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Facebook Ads

If you're anything like me, then you're someone who likes to know how to do something and do it well. Well meaning bring in leads, spark engagement and being able to make an impact (positive of course) in this world we live, work and breathe!

There's something thrilling about learning new things - fresh ideas.

So, whether you've NEVER done a Facebook Ad before, or if you're a "boost button" lover or if you've done ads with little or no success, this guide is for YOU!Allow yourself to enjoy this process of up-leveling your social and keep your mind open to all the possibilities!

This workbook with exercises to do and information you NEED, will help you do your first success paid social ad.

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Small Business Marketing. Totally Simplified. 

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Facebook Ads for Beginners Course

This step by step roadmap on Facebook Ads is perfect for absolute beginners to novice implementers. Doors are opening in February 2019.


No Small Business Owner can do this "business thing" alone. Our dynamic and collaborative community (both online & offline) is here to help you along the way. 


A Podcast for REAL small business owners. No fluff. No BS, just tips, tricks and inspiring interviews with Small Business Owners - JUST LIKE YOU! 

Rave Reviews From Some Awesome Clients! 

You have been such a great help over the past 12 months. Jenn is practical, down to earth and always available and has a genuine care and interest in my success. Having Jenn on my side has had a dramatic impact on both my business and my thinking for which I am very grateful for. 

— Chris East, East Partners, Adelaide

Chris East, East Partners

Jenn Donovan has been a fantastic social media expert and accountability coach for me this year. My social media strategy was basic and sporadic to say the least - Jenn has helped me formulate a social media plan and execute consistently across a number of platforms with her knowledge and experience. I have relied on Jenn's easy to understand step-by-step online lessons for Facebook ad optimisation and preparation of Leadpages, as well as her expert knowledge face-to-face and on the phone / Skype. Having Jenn in my corner meant that I did far less of that and had the best financial return in my business for the last 10 years. Highly personable, practically skilled and able to make a difference in my business - I couldn't recommend Jenn more highly for small business owners wanting to do more and get more out of their business.  

— Michael Pieniger, Developing Leaders, Melbourne

Michael Peiniger

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