The 5 Elements to the Perfect Lead Converting Digital Ad

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Digital marketing is not new, and many of us have been using it to attract, nurture, convert and ascend customers and clients for the best part of a couple of decades.

But when it comes to PAYING for digital space, be that a Facebook Ad, Instagram Ad, Google Ad and so forth, so many people get it wrong.

And by wrong I mean, they don’t get the return on investment that they needed or expected for the money they invested.

It’s like when we’re doing organic digital marketing, we get the process, but as soon as we need to get a return on investment, what we know about our customer and the basics of marketing, goes out the window.

As a thought leader in the digital marketing space, here’s what I see are the 5 elements we need to be aware of when it comes to converting, getting a return on investment, for our digital marketing.


When you’re at the planning stage of any digital marketing, remember the basics of marketing:

YOUR AUDIENCE! Your customer avatar.

Who is your who – who are you targeting?

If you don’t know who you are targeting, then clearly, your ability to make a return is limited.

If you don’t know who your ideal client or customer is – then do this work first.

One of the fundamental reason why people’s marketing doesn’t work is that it’s UNTARGETED.

Learn their demographics, their psychographics, their roadblocks, what gives them pleasure, what gives them pain?

Throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks is NOT a good marketing strategy.

Targeted campaigns give returns on investment.

Make sure you know EXACTLY who you are targeting.

And if you have more than 1 target market, then do more than 1 campaign.


Once you know who your who is, you can target them where they “hang out”.

There’s no use doing an amazing campaign on a platform such as Facebook if you see from your Google Analytics that most of your customers find you via Google.

If most customers are finding you in a google search – then a targeted ad on Google just might bring you a better return because you understand the searching habits of your customer avatar.

The most amazing thing about digital marketing is the hard data we get to collect, analyse and make marketing decisions from.

Before starting any campaign, seek, search and analyse the data you have at your fingertips to make a more informed campaign decision.


Once you’ve analysed your digital data and know who your ideal customer is and where to best target them, you then need to stand out from the crowd and “stop the scroll”!

You need to use COPY and GRAPHICS/PHOTOS to stop your ideal customer from scrolling straight past your ad – the ad you want them to engage with and take action from!

My best advice here is to put on your marketing hat and start looking at the social media platforms you’re on and google and see what catches your eye, what makes you stop, what makes you react to a sponsored post or advert, make some notes (of the good and bad) and start to compile a list.

The average Australian user of Facebook clicks on 21 paid promotions per month.  A little less than 1 per day.

That’s a lot of scrolling past happening – so what’s that one a day that caught their attention look like?

  • Great headline?
  • Use of humour?
  • Testimonial from another satisfied customer?
  • A picture or photo that stood out from the crowd?

Maybe all 4 or something completely different.

Ask yourself (honestly) – Would you stop for your ad?

Human to Human marketing (H2H) is one of the fundamentals in marketing in 2021 and beyond.  Don’t be afraid to show some of the personality of your business (or yourself!) in your marketing.

It humanises your brand and is more likely to attract a lead who’s attracted to the human side of your business!


This seems obvious, no?

You’ve spent time creating this ad, you’ve done your research, you’ve injected your personality into the ad, you’ve stopped the scroll and got the attention of a possible lead, they’ve read your ad and then …..


Arrrhhhh – you had their attention but you forget to tell them WHAT TO DO NEXT.

Us humans we are super smart people, but we are busy people too and if you don’t tell me what to do next, there’s every chance I won’t do anything.  Except get on with my day.

You MUST tell your reader what to do next.  Don’t think “they’ll know, they’re smart!” – NO they won’t, they are too busy, they need to be told.

So, if you want them to click here to go to the website – say that!

If you want them to purchase now – then say that too!

Have a call to action, make it concise, only have one (a confused buyer doesn’t buy!) and make it so obvious they can’t help but do what you want them to!


I blame analogue marketing for this.

Advertising in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio etc – you did an advert, did it to the best of your ability with the data you had available, sent it in, it ran its course and at the end, you (hopefully) measured its success or lack of.

Digital marketing IS NOT LIKE THIS!

That’s the beauty of it.

You can set up 3 Facebook ads with different copy, different assets, different targeting and then 72 hours later go back into your back end, check which one is converting the best and turn off the other two!

You get to test and measure whilst the advert is running.

It’s not set in stone!

And if it’s not working, you get to turn it off before you have wasted your entire budget.

It’s like digital magic!

The WORST possible thing you can do is set up a digital advert or campaign and never go and check on it before it finishes.

Even good ads turn bad sometimes and stop converting.

My advice, always set up a few, because heck we are dealing with humans – who knows what they will like on a Tuesdays vs a Wednesday, give the advert a few days, go back, check, analyse and turn off anything that’s not working (or at least tweak it to see if you can make it work).

Never set and forget.


Digital marketing can seem overwhelming to people who haven’t done it or haven’t got it right yet.

But with the data we have available, and tips like the 5 above, it can get simpler.

Start with a small budget, start with time to research and invest and when you get it right you’ll understand why you got it right.

It’s not too late to start investing in digital paid marketing and as the old saying goes:

When’s the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago.

When’s the next best time? TODAY.

You’ve never too late to the table.  Just start.


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