Social Media & Marketing Audit of your Content & Strategy

$550 (plus GST)

What's included?

  • 15-minute Zoom Chat: to find out what marketing tactics are currently in use (eg/ social platforms) that you'd like reviewed and your current goals for your marketing and business
  • 2 Hour Review of Content and Strategy: have one of Australia's leading marketers audit your content and strategy and provide feedback based on desired outcomes (as discussed in the above zoom chat)
  • Time to ask Questions following the Audit : Not only will Jenn audit your content, and provide a detailed summary of the audit, but you also have 5 days following the audit, to ask any follow-up questions via another zoom chat or email (whichever works best for the parties).

Only 5 Audits available

  • Cost: Prices start at $550 plus GST - which includes the review of 2 social media platforms, and a website. If you have more assets to be reviewed, please get in touch - and we can work out a price based on the Audit time required to audit your marketing and strategy
  • Purpose: To give constructive marketing and branding feedback on branding and strategy for your business, within the current marketing assets. To suggest changes and strategies going forward to help build your business and profits and reach your business goals
  • Includes all Summary Notes and Recordings (as applicable): Following you receive the audit summary, you have 5 days where you are able to jump on a call with Jenn or email her to ask any follow-up or clarifying questions. After that, Jenn is always available in the Like Minded Business Owners Facebook Group to answer any of your questions - just tag her!

Feedback from the Audit is based on:

  • Your Goals: Your goals for the business are front and centre of any feedback. That's why it's important to discuss in the Zoom Chat at the beginning what your goals are
  • 5 Marketing Strategies: Your content is measured against the metrics of 5 different marketing strategies, engagement, brand awareness, sales, lead generation and growth.
  • The 3 Fundamentals of Marketing: The 3 fundamentals of marketing are (a) knowing who your target audience is, (b) knowing what you want to be famous for and (c) reaching your target audience on the right platforms.
  • Consistency of Branding: Ensuring your brand, your brand voice and tone are consistent across your marketing.
  • And anything else Jenn finds needs measuring, given your goals, platforms and desired outcomes.

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