The D.S.A.M.P marketing framework

What’s the D.S.A.M.P marketing framework?  It’s Jenn’s signature system to make your business life simpler.

PS – I wish it was a cool, fabulous acronym, but it’s not!  But it is a cool, fabulous and business changing marketing framework!

Let me explain!

my mission for you

To make business simpler!

To show business owners, just like you, how to market their business, minus the overwhelm, so you can grow, be more confident and profitable and make a bigger IMPACT on the world.

You see I don’t believe …

…. my signature marketing approach is only for businesses who can afford marketing teams or a marketing person in their business, nor that the business you set out to have, when you first started with big dreams, should be out of reach or overwhelming. 

Jenn Donovan Social Media and Marketing Australia

Here’s how I can help make it happen


A unique framework that I have developed to have you on the fast-lane from Invisible to Invincible.



We look at the key ingredients you need to market your business to the next level;

  • Message
  • Strategy
  • Method
  • Mindset


I show you the way.  What way?  Well, we follow the D.S.A.M.P. framework way (together, of course!  I’ve got you.)

Discovery, Strategy, Action, Market, Polish


and in the end,

Business Freedom – your way.  With Clarity, Certainty, Choice and Control.

Want to work together?

here's what others say about me

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Highly Actionable Content

After recently discovering Jenn and this podcast I am addicted! The content is so actionable that I always come away with so many things to work on. I love Jenn’s presenting style and very friendly manner. More recently I have loved the spotlights on the different social media platforms and the Time Management episode. It is rare to find such highly engaging and actionable content! Such a precious gem.

– Kellie

Rooftop Media

I attended one of Jenn’s workshops on Digital Marketing and it was fabulous! Jenn is thorough and is a wealth of information. Online, Jenn posts really practical tips and information to help others with their social media. Also, her podcast is great, with guest speakers presenting on really relevant topics for business owners.

– Rooftop Media

Ingrid and Thomas Graze

Thank you for all the energy you put into these sessions – it is very much appreciated . We have already learnt much – and we look forward to start putting into place all of this over the next weeks . I cannot wait to see the changes I know will occur. I can see some sheep (the sort we need) starting to make their way into our business.

– Ingrid and Thomas Graze

Great resource!

Great pace with good content! Easy to follow advice and links to great resources. Even for a novice like me!
– Max

So much to learn ….

Loving this new podcast. I have been involved in some of Jenn’s workshops and it’s great to re-visit her tips and tricks each week. In a quick paced, changing world Jenn keeps you up to date, so you can get on with what you do best. Keep them coming.

– Chelle1705

Great Aussie podcast

This is a great resource!. I needed my pen ready because some of the tips were too good not to write down!

– Jessilee83

Brett Dashwood

Jenn, your Ultimate Marketing Plan Template and Social Media Content Creation Ideas are brilliant. I’m excited to see what 2019 can bring! #Trueloyalty

– Brett Dashwood

Chris East

You have been such a great help over the past 12 months. Jenn is practical, down to earth and always available and has a genuine care and interest in my success. Having Jenn on my side has had a dramatic impact on both my business and my thinking for which I am very grateful for.

– Chris East

Daniel Calleja

Jenn is incredible to work with and her knowledge in the Social Media and Marketing space goes above and beyond! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough and know she can help any business succeed.

– Daniel Calleja

Tom Dickson

Have had the absolute please or working with Jenn for a few years now both with the Marketers Club and now through Social Media and Marketing Australia. Always has great advice, tips and tricks. If you’re looking for something to listen and learn too as well, pop over and subscribe to Jenn’s podcast on social media. Between Jenn’s advice and the various guests she has on, you will no doubt benefit and add value to your marketing and your business.

– Tom Dickson


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Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!

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