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During 2023, Jenn’s written everything she knows about marketing in to one book – Small Town Big Impact – 107 Simple Marketing Strategies for Regional Business Success and it’s available now!



Get Your Copy Today!

During 2023, Jenn’s written everything she knows about marketing in to one book – Small Town Big Impact – 107 Simple Marketing Strategies for Regional Business Success and it’s available now!

Jenn Donovan – Social media and marketing Australia

Social Media Marketing Consultant to take you from

Invisible to Invincible!

Are you lacking marketing strategy in your business? Need help with social media and marketing to grow your business?

Work with Australia’s marketing expert for small businesses, author of top marketing blog, business podcast and popular guest speaker Jenn Donovan.




You’re running around posting randomly on social media, random stuff with no strategy


You’re putting out random emails with no real purpose or call to action


Or worse still, you’re not list building at all


Or maybe you’re trying to run events, but getting crickets


You’re attracting an audience, it’s just not the audience you want (or the ones who will one day spend money with you!)


And despite all your efforts, you STILL feel invisible in your marketplace?

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So many hats, so little time!  We all want more time in the day, more profit in our business, and that elusive freedom (the reason why we went into business in the first place!) – the good news is, it’s possible.  You just need a little strategy, that extra boost – which is what my small business marketing consulting services, is all about.

Get the marketing help you need


Small Town Big Impact

Get the Marketing book you never knew you needed so bad!

Small Town Big Impact has 107 Simple Marketing Strategies for Regional Business Success.  107 ways to market your business that you don’t need a marketing degree to implement and you can follow along in the book with the advice and step-by-step instructions for each marketing strategy.


The Nine Week Marketing Transformation Program

Need help with your marketing? With my Nine Week Transformation Program go from feeling invisible to BEING invincible in nine weeks!


Join anytime and work at your own pace.

BONUS: 2 x 30 Minutes one to one sessions with me (value $310)



Jenn, HELP!  I need your eyes on my marketing!

My social media and marketing audit takes a look at your content and your strategy to give you some tips and ideas on where you could improve on your marketing and where you are tripping up when it comes to a well rounded strategy.

Click below to find out what’s involved and what you get back from having one of Australia’s most sort after marketing experts look over your marketing.


1:1 Marketing Consulting

Jenn I need you in my business!

One to One marketing help is exactly what I need!

Choose from two different packages – one more intense than the other, depending on what you need in your business right now.

Check out the packages by clicking below.

If you want something more bespoke, then simply reach out and we can see what we can do together.

Hey, I’m Jenn

Hey, I’m Jenn

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My mission: To make your business life “simpler”.  Being in business can be simple but it’s never easy – you have to do the work.

Because I know for sure,  if you do the work and you make marketing a priority, in your business, and have a solid strategy, it can transform your business (life) forever, because it has mine!

more about me

coaching services




Free marketing tips!

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365 content ideas for your social media

Three Part Marketing Strategy Mini Video Series

everything you need to know about writing high converting emails

Being in business is never easy, but it can be simple or at least simpler!  So, if you’re been looking for tricks and tips to simplify your business – then you’ve come to the right place.  Join host, Jenn Donovan, every week, and listen to the free podcast for small business, focussing on marketing, social media and working towards simplifying your business.

You with me?  let’s do this!

Are You Looking After Yourself? – Podcast Episode 283

Are you looking after yourself? Looking after your wellbeing? That’s today’s podcast question and one that my guest, Katrina Myers, loves to talk about. Looking after yourself is essential for us small business owners and Katrina has some outside the box advice for us.

Is Your Social Media Dying in 2024? – Podcast Episode 282

Is social media your best “marketing” bet in 2024? Is social media really where your buyers are, and is it really working? And by working, I mean is it having a positive effect on your bottom line? Tune in, and let’s discuss the use of social media in 2024 as a marketing strategy.

Your Lead Magnet (Gathering Leads) Questions Answered! – Podcast Episode 280

Lead Magnets? How many do you need in your business? Do they really work in 2024? If I have one, where do I market it, Jenn? The three most popular questions from my community answered on episode 280 all about lead magnets. Tune in and all will be revealed! You need this as a Small Business Owner – so listen in!

5 Ways to Get More Leads Into Your Business – PODCAST EPISODE 278

Five ways to bring in more leads into your business. We all need more leads, and it’s something many business owners want heading into 2024 – so here’s five of the best ways to nurture your leads and create new ones! Tune in with Jenn Donovan, Marketing Expert.

You become not what you wish for, not what you hope for, you become what you believe.

Oprah Winfrey

I've worked with some pretty cool people.

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Join my world!

If you’ve been looking for your tribe – then welcome! I cannot wait to get to know you and your business better.

Whether you’re looking for your new 1:1 marketing and social media coach or wanting to soak up as many free tips on marketing as you can – I have exactly what you need.

From coaching programs, to online courses and mastermind groups, to a free podcast and a Facebook group full of amazing small biz owners, just like you, you’ve found EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for.

You with me? Let’s do this…


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!

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