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Hey, I’m Jenn

Property Law Specialist turned Retailer turned social media and marketing speaker, change maker, momentum creator mentor and coach to small business.

I’m a marketing nerd, passionate social media user, Mum of 3, Wife of 1 (aka the Amazing Farmer), small business lover, creator of the Small Business Made Simple Podcast, Stories from the Bush Podcast, Along the Murray Podcast, Founder of Social Media and Marketing Australia, Founder of Buy From a Bush Business (355,000 members) and Co-Founder of Australia’s premier online Marketplace for Rural and Regional Small Businessses – www.spendwithus.com.au 

I’ve spent the last 15 years running my own small businesses, through all the peaks and troughs, the booms and the busts, and the last 5 teaching everything I’ve learnt, on the ground, doing the doing, building successful businesses for other Small Business Owners from across our sunburnt country near and far.

My love of marketing and social media is clear to anyone in my world and I know that if you can get your marketing right (online and offline), you can build the business of your dreams.

You can download my media kit to learn more here.

I've worked with some pretty cool people.

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here’s what I know for sure

you need to get social on social!

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social media is a marketing platform, not a selling platform. 

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you need to have a business mentor

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you need to find your tribe – find people to push you, challenge you and celebrate with you

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you need to make marketing a priority to have success

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If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.

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the best marketing doesn’t look like marketing

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With a little help, good strategy and how know, this business thing can be simple (or simpler but it’s never easy – you have to do the work).

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my core business values

there’s no point in dreaming small.

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make marketing a priority.

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perfection is a trap. You have to just do, and then test, measure, adjust and repeat

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need to take 100% responsibility for your own actions and your own results

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success is not overnight and is definitely no accident – do the work.

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be brave. Have the courage to follow you heart, listen to your instincts and believe in yourself.

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be a giver. Give, give, give, ask.  The more you help others the more rewards you will enjoy.

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“People do business with people who are aligned with their values” – so get really clear on what your business values are.

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I’m different but good different!

My expertise comes from doing the doing, understanding the current market trends and fashions and the difference between the two. My expertise comes from working in regional areas of Victoria and New South Wales as well as cities all around our country.

My expertise comes from walking the walk, being down in the trenches, from running many and varied businesses over the past twenty-five odd years. Everything from farming, retail and even a property law business!

There’s things I know for sure and one of them is that you don’t need another marketing expert telling you how to run your business, but what you do need a marketing expert who does things so well in their business that you’d like to learn and implement those same strategies into your business.

Need proof? Just check out my Facebook Group Buy From a Bush Business which I built from scratch and in 12 months has almost 300,000 members.  That 1 group has changed the lives of so many and has changed the way consumers shop.

You need sound advice, tried and tested formulas, tried and tested marketing strategies, ones that are based in real time and one’s that give REAL RESULTS (holy cow!)

My difference comes from being a life-long learner … just like you.

I’m a bit different.

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here's what others say about my marketing mastermind

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Ingrid and Thomas Graze

Thank you for all the energy you put into these sessions – it is very much appreciated . We have already learnt much – and we look forward to start putting into place all of this over the next weeks . I cannot wait to see the changes I know will occur. I can see some sheep (the sort we need) starting to make their way into our business.

– Ingrid and Thomas Graze

Chris East

You have been such a great help over the past 12 months. Jenn is practical, down to earth and always available and has a genuine care and interest in my success. Having Jenn on my side has had a dramatic impact on both my business and my thinking for which I am very grateful for.

– Chris East

Daniel Calleja

Jenn is incredible to work with and her knowledge in the Social Media and Marketing space goes above and beyond! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough and know she can help any business succeed.

– Daniel Calleja

I love this podcast!

I can’t wait for each Thursday to listen to a new episode. Jenn has so much relevant knowledge that she shares freely. Listening to the podcast is like having your own personal cheerleader! She makes me believe I can survive my solo small business journey. Thanks Jenn!

– Nicole

Tom Dickson

Have had the absolute please or working with Jenn for a few years now both with the Marketers Club and now through Social Media and Marketing Australia. Always has great advice, tips and tricks. If you’re looking for something to listen and learn too as well, pop over and subscribe to Jenn’s podcast on social media. Between Jenn’s advice and the various guests she has on, you will no doubt benefit and add value to your marketing and your business.

– Tom Dickson

So much to learn ….

Loving this new podcast. I have been involved in some of Jenn’s workshops and it’s great to re-visit her tips and tricks each week. In a quick paced, changing world Jenn keeps you up to date, so you can get on with what you do best. Keep them coming.

– Chelle1705

Michael Peiniger

Jenn Donovan has been a fantastic social media and marketing expert for me this year. My social media strategy was basic and sporadic to say the least – Jenn has helped me formulate a social media plan and execute consistently across a number of platforms with her knowledge and experience. I have relied on Jenn’s easy to understand step-by-step online lessons for Facebook ad optimisation and preparation of Lead pages, as well as her expert knowledge face-to face and on the phone/ Skype. In addition, Jenn has been exactly the type of marketing & accountability coach I was looking for this year. The right blend of push, pull, encourage and challenge to get me moving in the right direction – particularly when it can be so easy to push marketing to the side when it is busy (and most needed). In a small business, it can be easy to let yourself ‘off the hook’ and push out deadlines – having Jenn in my corner meant that I did far less of
that and had the best financial return in my business for the last 10 years. Jenn is fun, easy to work with, highly skilled and provides simple solutions for where you are right now – she is able to make a difference in your business no matter what stage you are at with your marketing – I couldn’t recommend Jenn more highly for small business owners wanting to do more and get more out of their business.

– Michael Peiniger

Rooftop Media

I attended one of Jenn’s workshops on Digital Marketing and it was fabulous! Jenn is thorough and is a wealth of information. Online, Jenn posts really practical tips and information to help others with their social media. Also, her podcast is great, with guest speakers presenting on really relevant topics for business owners.

– Rooftop Media

Highly Actionable Content

After recently discovering Jenn and this podcast I am addicted! The content is so actionable that I always come away with so many things to work on. I love Jenn’s presenting style and very friendly manner. More recently I have loved the spotlights on the different social media platforms and the Time Management episode. It is rare to find such highly engaging and actionable content! Such a precious gem.

– Kellie

Brett Dashwood

Jenn, your Ultimate Marketing Plan Template and Social Media Content Creation Ideas are brilliant. I’m excited to see what 2019 can bring! #Trueloyalty

– Brett Dashwood

More about me – 80’s quiz style

1. Which TV persona best describes you?

Rachel (Friends) – doing it my way!

2. Favourite Drink

Red Wine/Pepsi Max (shhh)

3. Favourite weekend activities

Catching up with friends

4. Favourite Inspiration Quote

You become not what you wish for, not what you hope for, you become what you believe.

5. Who’s inspired you?

Honestly, friends, family & small biz owners like you!

6. The best title you’ve had


7. Biggest business dream

To inspire as many people as I can through the platforms I have

8. Biggest personal dream

To have afternoon tea with the Queen

9. TV Show most likely to binge watch

Friends or Big Bang Theory

10. Most embarrassing moment

Saying the wrong name at the alter at my wedding (yep, kid you not!)

what to do now

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Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!

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