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Small business made simple (or at least simpler) that’s my goal for you.  For you to make marketing your priority and to give you a tribe to belong too – that’s my other goal.

Trying to make it on your own in business can be TOUGH. Let’s face it, small business owners are to be absolute experts at every aspect of business.  You need to be great at networking, marketing, copywriting and selling.  Not to mention great with numbers, managing staff, suppliers and of course, balancing your family life.

Today it’s not enough to be talented at what you do. Is it any wonder that around 52% of start-ups throw in the towel after just 12 months?

This is why I’m here to help …

I’m SO glad we bumped into each other.

Are you making these mistakes?

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Putting marketing on the back burner


giving your social media to the youngest person in the business or your kids to manage


simply opening a facebook or instagram account and never posting?


thinking everyone is your customer


These are not good business strategies and will not give you the opportunities you need to attract the (right) people into your business.

marketing is everything.

If you want to succeed in business, you need a solid strategy for positioning yourself as the expert, to attract your potential clients and customers, to nurture them until they are ready to buy and then make them into raving fans of you and your business.

We have to be social on social, we have to have solid email marketing strategies and we have to surround ourselves (online or offline) with people who are like-minded, forward thinking and who are willing to push us, challenge us and, of course, celebrate champagne moments with us!

looking for a course rather than 1:1 coaching?

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Marketing, Social Media + Digital Coaching

From 1 hour $199 or 2 hours $350

Price depends on location, face to face or via zoom. 

 Who’s the session for:

For YOU if you just need some direction with your marketing and/or social media.  Perhaps you aren’t sure where to start, or what to do next or how to attract your target market (or who your target market even is!).   Maybe you’re after a content calendar?

Together we’ll go through your social media and/or marketing funnels and design a digital engagement plan and calendar.

This session is also great for those needing additional coaching, training or accountability as a one off.

Once booked in, I’ll send you some paperwork to fill out with some quality questions to ensure you get the most out of the session, I know what our session will be about and how I can best help you and what your biggest challenges are.

Following the session, you will receive a summary of the session along with any notes.  If the session is recorded, you will also receive a copy of that recording. 

Corporate workshops

price on application

What’s included:

These sessions are best tailored to your audience, so that they can get maximum benefit from attending.  What are their/your biggest challenges or roadblocks?

If you’re looking for just that, customised training and education on social media, marketing, email or digital marketing, then we definintely should collaborate!

How it works?

Click the book now button, give as much detail as you can and I will be in contact in a jiff!  After which, I’ll then prepare a customised proposal for us to go through together.

Corporate Speaking

price on application

What’s included:

If you are looking for speakers for your next business event, someone who is the “go to expert” in marketing and digital marketing (including social media), I would love to see if we’re a fit for each other.

I can tailor a speaking session to your audiences needs so that they walk away with fresh ideas, fresh information but above all, an action plan to put into place as soon as they leave (because we need people to take ACTION after leaving events such as this!).

How it works?

Firstly, contact me below with more details in relation to your business and the outcomes you are seeking and then I’ll be in contact in a jiff! 

Marketing Strategy Package (full day)

From $1,150

Price depends on location, face to face or via zoom. Payment plans available on request

What’s included:

Together, we will develop a complete Marketing Strategy for your business and an engagement plan, aligned with your business and your business goals (both personal and financial).

Once booked, I’ll send you pre-session questionnaire to ensure that our time together is maximised.

All summary notes and recordings (if applicable) are included in the price, and you will be able to contact me via email / phone with any follow up questions for up to two weeks, after that, I’ll be always available in my Facebook Group – Like Minded Business Owners – just tag me with your questions!

here's what others say about me

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Great resource!

Great pace with good content! Easy to follow advice and links to great resources. Even for a novice like me!
– Max

I love this podcast!

I can’t wait for each Thursday to listen to a new episode. Jenn has so much relevant knowledge that she shares freely. Listening to the podcast is like having your own personal cheerleader! She makes me believe I can survive my solo small business journey. Thanks Jenn!

– Nicole

Tom Dickson

Have had the absolute please or working with Jenn for a few years now both with the Marketers Club and now through Social Media and Marketing Australia. Always has great advice, tips and tricks. If you’re looking for something to listen and learn too as well, pop over and subscribe to Jenn’s podcast on social media. Between Jenn’s advice and the various guests she has on, you will no doubt benefit and add value to your marketing and your business.

– Tom Dickson

Daniel Calleja

Jenn is incredible to work with and her knowledge in the Social Media and Marketing space goes above and beyond! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough and know she can help any business succeed.

– Daniel Calleja

Chris East

You have been such a great help over the past 12 months. Jenn is practical, down to earth and always available and has a genuine care and interest in my success. Having Jenn on my side has had a dramatic impact on both my business and my thinking for which I am very grateful for.

– Chris East

Great Aussie podcast

This is a great resource!. I needed my pen ready because some of the tips were too good not to write down!

– Jessilee83

Louise Doedee, Essential Property Solutions

I need a sounding board to run things past, help with my social media and my business marketing. A sounding board I like, a sounding board I trust, and a sounding board who is great at what they do – and that is YOU Jenn! Thanks Jenn for your assistance, knowledge and practical marketing strategies that are helping me surpass my business goals!

– Louise Doedee, Essential Property Solutions

So much to learn ….

Loving this new podcast. I have been involved in some of Jenn’s workshops and it’s great to re-visit her tips and tricks each week. In a quick paced, changing world Jenn keeps you up to date, so you can get on with what you do best. Keep them coming.

– Chelle1705

Ingrid and Thomas Graze

Thank you for all the energy you put into these sessions – it is very much appreciated . We have already learnt much – and we look forward to start putting into place all of this over the next weeks . I cannot wait to see the changes I know will occur. I can see some sheep (the sort we need) starting to make their way into our business.

– Ingrid and Thomas Graze

Highly Actionable Content

After recently discovering Jenn and this podcast I am addicted! The content is so actionable that I always come away with so many things to work on. I love Jenn’s presenting style and very friendly manner. More recently I have loved the spotlights on the different social media platforms and the Time Management episode. It is rare to find such highly engaging and actionable content! Such a precious gem.

– Kellie

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Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!

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