[Website Tips] 3 Tips to Make Your Website More Eco Friendly – Podcast Episode 303

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Hey there, my friend, welcome to episode 303 of the Small Business Made Simple Podcast.

Thanks for leading me your ears right now – I know you have lots of other things you could be doing or listening to – so I appreciate you.

Have you ever thought about the environmental footprint your website leaves behind? I have to say that I hadn’t really ever thought about my eco digital footprint before, before meeting my guest Ray, that is! I can’t wait to share his tips, trick, and knowledge with you today.

But before we get into that did you get a chance to listen in to last week’s episode? Episode 302? It was a solo ep with just me and I went through five things I think you need to do to your website today – from a marketing point of view. And it hit some nerves too – judging by the email, DM response I got from some listeners. So, listen to it at www.socialmediaandmarketing.com.au/302 , after you’ve finished here today of course!

Before I open up my chat with Ray Pastoors, I just wanted to say that I have 2 private mentoring and coaching spots available for the second half of this year. So, if you’re keen to get some business coaching, marketing coaching, then let’s chat. Maybe it’s time you made that investment! I read a quote recently that said “You’ll spend 5 times are much fixing a mistake than you would on getting coaching for the same issue” – I thought that was a little “poke yourself in the eye” interesting. Why is it that we battle along thinking we can do it all, and fix it all when getting help would be so much cheaper and better for our businesses? Something to ponder! If the times are right for you to invest, get in touch via your favourite social media platform or email jenn@jenndonovan.com.au or of course you can book an appointment through my website – www.socialmediaandmarketing.com.au

Onto today’s episode. As I mentioned my guest today is Ray Pastoors the founder of True Green® Hosting, Australia’s leader in Green Web Hosting. True Green® helps businesses to measure and offset their carbon footprint. Again, this is something I’d never put too much thought into – offsetting my digital carbon footprint.

This is a super interesting conversation, so let’s get into. Enjoy my ecofriendly chat with Ray.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/truegreenhosting/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/truegreenhosting/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/true-green-web-hosting

Free eBook: https://truegreen.au/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/True-Green-eBook-green-and-profitable-2024-Compressed.pdf

How good was that? Is your brain spinning with thoughts and ideas that perhaps you hadn’t given much cred to in the past? Or maybe that’s just me.

This was such an important conversation and rather timely too, I think.

All Ray’s contact details and social media profiles are in the show notes at www.socialmediaandmarketing.com.au/303 or if you look up Tree Green Hosting on any platform you’ll find it there.

I’d love you to hop into the Like Minded Business Owners Facebook group and let me know a change you are going to make since listening to this chat with Ray.

But that’s it for episode 303. If you loved this episode and found it valuable, please take 30 seconds out of your day to leave me a rating and review if you want where you are listening.

Do you have a friend who might like to listen in too? Can I ask a favour, and have you share this episode with them? I’d love that and appreciate it SO much.

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See you next week on the podcast for episode 304.

But in the meantime, let’s hang out on social and get social on social – you’ll find me on Instagram, Facebook, and my fav LinkedIn.

But whatever you do,

…….. remember small business peep, as my opening song says, there’s no point in dreaming small!


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Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!

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