How gratitude can create next level success in your business and life? 

Where your focus is most of the time, EXPANDS. 

You focus on your desires, EXPANSION 

You focus on your love for self and others, EXPANSION  

You focus on Gratitude for every lesson, challenge, blessing and gift, EXPANSION  


You focus on how much you dislike your body, EXPANSION  

You focus on how you are struggling financially, EXPANSION  

You focus on how you are not worthy to share your magic, EXPANSION  

I am sure unless you have been hiding under a rock and away from any self development book anywhere you have heard this, and more than likely experienced it. 

And because it is a universal law, it works, always. 

It does not play favourites, it plays by the Law. 

It is also proven in my world by the fact that my daughters have everything that they have ever asked for – Children are Master…. Manifestors! 

So, if you can find gratitude in every moment, no matter what then you can expand more of that. 

Even if you struggle to love your body, even if you are in a shitty financial situation, even if you don’t feel completely worthy of your desires…. 

Gratitude is a starting point to raising your vibration enough to get you out of the thought loop keeping you in your limitations. 

When you are grateful for everything, and elevate your internal state it makes room for the darkness to come to light. 

It’s a beautiful thing and NOTHING to be afraid of. 

Note it down, and make the choice to shift it, if required, work with a certified practitioner like myself that can guide you through the inner work. 

It can also be a simple decision to let go or to do a deep healing – that is up to you! 

By having a gratitude practice though, you will magnify all the good and make more of it.  

Gratitude mixed with presence is some potent energetic magic. 

Are you going to give it a try? I challenge you to 30 days of a Gratitude Practice. 

Every single day for 30 days find and write down 3 things you are grateful for, do this with a friend to hold each other accountable. 

I did this challenge for 100 Days back in 2019 and it was the foundation to some really deep inner transformation. 

It awakens something within, 

Sparked something magical within, 

It raised me up and levelled me up and expanded me. 

There were days that I didn’t feel grateful, so I had to get creative and be grateful for my finger so I could flip someone off. Yes, I still had bad days, I just began to see the beauty and see the potential in it all. 

What does Gratitude practice have to do with success in Business? 


Gratitude and ability see the beauty in challenges it will help you push through when you feel like giving up, 

Gratitude can strengthen resilience in your soul when you feel defeated and feel like giving up and that it is all too much, 

Gratitude will help you shift states and guide you to the highest vibe available and biggest energy inside of you, 

While Gratitude is not all the inner work that can be done and that is available to you however it is a perfect foundation and practice to build your business around and your life on. 

The other practices that can support your inner journey so you can flourish in your Business are; 

  • Connecting to your Intuition 
  • Self Love  
  • Aligned Goal Setting  
  • Mindset work 
  • Money Healing 
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs   

You hold the power to your success, to your abundance, to your freedom, and you are born worthy of it all so be grateful for what you have while using your desires for fuel to fire you to never, ever give up. 

About Jaclyn Jean: 

Jaclyn Jean is a Manifestation and Mindset Coach & Healer. She works with women in Business to overcome their Limitations, develop an Abundance Mindset & connect to their Intuition so they have Time, Emotional and Financial Freedom in all areas of their life.  

INSTAGRAM: Jaclyn| Mindset Manifestation (@jaclynjeancoach)   Blog ( 


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!

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