Health, Business and Wise Words Around Both – Podcast Episode 186

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Hey there, my fabulous listener, welcome to episode 186 of the Small Business Made Simple Podcast.

Thank you for lending me your ears today – I know you have lots of choices, so I sincerely appreciate me being one of them!

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This week’s episode is sponsored by Melbourne Innovation Centre and their Digital Solutions Programs.  I’ve been involved with Melbourne innovation Centre as one of their mentors and workshop hosts for about 3 or 4 years now, so I was pretty chuffed when they wanted to sponsor my podcast for a few weeks.

So, if you live in Victoria, listen up!  Melbourne Innovation Centre has subsidized programs to help you if you are struggling to reach new customers and struggling with digital marketing.

Join for just $44 and get access to 3 hours of mentoring with a mentor of your choice, access to weekly training, workshops, masterclasses, webinars, online courses and much more.

Like I said, I am a mentor for this excellent program, so you can choose me and we can work together to discuss all your digital marketing needs. 

Sign up today by visiting: or via the link in the show notes.

So, onto today’s episode,

A special guest – Ines Schubi who is all about intuitive eating focussing on entrepreneurial women (but hey, we can all do with a little thought leadership around our health, so don’t tune out just yet!)

Ines and I belong to the same private group called One Roof and have had lots of chats online, in DMs, including some pretty funny videos!

Ines is all about helping self-employed women feel energised and confident through 1 tiny experiment at a time (I love that!)

So sit back, or sit up or listen in and here’s my conversation with Ines.



Free workshop Sign up:


I hope you enjoyed that chat.  Ines is a bright spark and I just LOVE her energy all the time.

Remember the links are in the show notes to follow her and have a look at her programs etc.

Let’s continue the chat in my Like Minded Business Owners Facebook group – you can join on Facebook if you haven’t already.

Oh and talking about my Like Minded Business Owners Facebook group – I have some amazing guests coming in there to do lives with me this year.  I am super excited by this.  From finance experts to PR and marketing experts (besides me) to Law experts – they are all coming on to give you their time and do some Q&As with the group.

Another amazing reason to come and join that community!

But, that’s it for another episode of the Small Business Made Simple Podcast.

Remember you can find the links in the show notes at

Thanks to the Melbourne Innovation Centre and Digital Solutions Program for supporting this episode today! If your business is based in Victoria, don’t forget to check the program out by visiting:

You can join for just $44 and get access to 1:1 mentoring with either myself or select 50 other digital marketing gurus from across the State.

See you next week on the podcast for episode 187.  But in the meantime, let’s hang out on social and get social on social – you’ll find me on Instagram, Facebook and my fav LinkedIn.

But whatever you do,

……..remember small business peeps, as my opening song says, there’s no point in dreaming small!



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Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!

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