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by | Aug 15, 2020 | Business Building Musts, Marketing Strategies

Want to support small business during this time of upheaval?  Like really support them?

Then, head past page 1 on google.

In fact, about page 6 or 7 is where you find the gold when it comes to small business.

Small business owners, rural, regional, metropolitan, all wear so many hats. 

They are buyers, sellers, accountants, bookkeepers, marketers, social media experts, bosses, mums, dads, uncles, aunties, sons & daughters, and the list goes on.

Just getting online is a struggle, let alone ensuring that their website has all the right keywords, all the right meta tags and all keyworded headings to come in on page 1.

Oh, and don’t even start on back links!

In fact, for many, it’s almost impossible.

Like the accommodation industry – the tourism industry – one of the industries hit the hardest during Covid, it’s most impossible to compete with large industry bodies for page 1 google space.

New websites have sprung up in the 10’s of thousands since February 2020, since the panic of Covid19 and lock downs.

Many small business owners had a website on their “rainy day list” and, well, the rainy day came – in the form of a pandemic in 2020.

However, as many have discovered, getting a website up, products on and shopping carts attached, is just the start of what is needed to be found on google.

Getting traffic to the website requires a whole new set of skills.

Getting customers to come back again and again, another whole set of skills.

Within the addition of 1000’s of new websites popping up in the Australian landscape, there’s been a rise in “marketplace” websites too.

Websites built to take away the challenges to small business owners of getting traffic to their website, and in turn in getting a return on the investment into their own website.

Marketplaces like Spend With Us – Buy From a Bush Business Marketplace, that offers web stores to small rural and regional business owners for free or for a small investment, is one of the Australian marketplaces changing the game for small business.

Giving shoppers a simple and memorable shopping experience and giving rural and regional small business owners the exposure, they need to get more sales, without the worry of having to be an SEO and website expert.

Marketplaces, like Spend With Us – Buy From a Bush Business Marketplace, spend time, energy, money and resources ensuring that their website has a consistent flow of traffic for all the small businesses on their platform.

It’s a match made in heaven.  Small business owners who have the products that customers want but not the know how or people power to ensure a consistent flow of traffic can open a store on a marketplace website, manage their stock and not worry about all the complicated tech needed to make sales online.

If you’re a regional or rural small business owner, struggling to get traffic to your website, struggling to get sales, struggling to come up on page 1 of google, perhaps consider a marketplace like Spend With Us, Buy From a Bush Business Marketplace, as the home of your online sales.

Check them out here:


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Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!

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