The best way to find your niche – Podcast Episode 152

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Hello and welcome to the next edition of my short sharp podcasts.  This is episode 152!

Today we are talking about the Best Way to Find Your Niche in the marketplace.
Because as the Americans say in their slang – the riches are in the niches (it doesn’t rhyme in English as it does in their slang!).
But it’s true, the more niche you can get in your business, the more you can know who you are targeting and what you want to be famous for, the more successful your business will be.
So, let’s dig a little into how you find your niche:

The number 1 question to answer for yourself is What Do you know what you want to be famous for in business?
Perhaps not worldwide famous, but famous in your industry/niche.
If your clients think x – you want them to think of you first right?

What are you an expert in – and don’t say nothing – you ARE an expert in something.

What are you interested in – what are you passionate about?  Hint – what could you talk about for 15 minutes unscripted?

What problem can you solve – no matter the demographic or the population in business you are solving a problem – that’s why people buy from you – so what problem are you solving?

And if you can find the combination of what you’re good at, what you are passionate or interested in and that thing also solves a problem for someone – then my friend you have taken the first steps to your niche!

One last way to think about your niche, is, can it be monetized?  One way to measure this question is by determining if your chosen niche can be scaled.

If so, happy freaking days for you and your business, as now you know it can potentially earn income.

Ok, that’s it – see you next time.  Hope you enjoyed the tips on being more productive – now stop listening to podcasts and go be more productive!

Oh, but before you do, if you’re enjoying these short episodes, please go and leave a rating and review – would so appreciate that.

Remember, there’s no point in dreaming small.


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Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!

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