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One topic that continually crops up in my conversations with small business owners, is their assumption that web copy and content are exactly the same thing.

However, this is a bit of a myth, and I’m going to bust it open today!

Copy and content have two distinct purposes (while complimenting each other!)

In the traditional sense the COPY is what is used to make the sale – it’s the persuader component of the two.

CONTENT comes into play with the other elements of marketing – it’s the things like attracting the ideal audience, engages attention over a sustained period, showcases expertise, and is the track we take people down on their way to purchase or book a service.

Content marketing has become so central to business success these days because of the way people buy. For example, Google is often the first port of call for many buying decisions and because Google loves to give people access to quality information – and seems to be a massive component of online and offline success.

The thing is though, great content creators know that if many of the keystones of traditional copywriting are utilised in the content, that the content will then be so much more effective.

So, below I’m going to outline my top five tips from traditional copywriting that you can use to make your next batch of content AMAZING!

1: It’s all about the Headline

If there is one thing every copywriter knows it’s that if you have a weak headline, nothing else matters because your ad or sales letter will never be read.

The same rules apply to writing content. If you have a headline that is cute, fluffy, vague, or obscure, then the content that follows will be of little consequence as it will never be read. This rule never changes. So even when your audience is very familiar with you, their decision to give you their attention will still rely on the power of your headlines.

Obviously, a headline alone is not enough, if the quality of the content is poor people will switch off, but a good headline is the thing that will hook the audience in, and drive audience engagement for quality content, as well as increase the likelihood of the content being shared.  

2: What’s your Tag Line?

Good content marketers understand that the goal is not to produce endless pages of dry, factual information that merely answers questions. It’s about providing information that entertains and educates your reader.

With the Tag Line, this is like an elevator pitch – but shorter – so thinking of it as your 10 or 12 word bio can help you narrow down your Tag Line statement.

For example, the “1000 Songs in Your Pocket” was such a great tagline from when the iPod was first released.

With your business, you need to work out how to quickly communicate a desirable benefit in a short and memorable statement. It’s not always easy to find, but every business can do this!

Helping build your tagline is something you might book in for assistance with a marketing expert – like ME! – to help you develop your Tag Line!

Remember if you want your content to ZING you need to frame it with a compelling Tag Line.

3: Find a hungry crowd (then listen to them!)

Gary Halbert (a total copywriting genius) used to ask students, “if you were going to open a restaurant want would be the key to success?” He would then reveal it was not location, great food, or low prices — it was the presence of a starving crowd that needed and wanted what your restaurant had to offer.

The same holds true for any kind of business.

One of Halbert’s famous quotes is: “When it comes to direct marketing, the most profitable habit you can cultivate is the habit of constantly being on the lookout for groups of people (markets) who have demonstrated that they are starving (or, at least hungry) for some particular product or service.”

The great thing about building a list of hungry people is you can then reverse engineer to find out specifically what they are hungry for.

Until you know you have a hungry crowd, who want what you have and have the means to pay for it, you don’t build it.

If you are unsure what your audience wants, then start listening to them. Survey them or join online forums or social media platforms to see what people want help with.

When you know what your audience wants, you can create the perfect product or service to meet that desire.

  1. Know your purpose

This is something you will have heard me repeat many, MANY times – FOR WHAT PURPOSE.

These are great words to keep in mind when creating content.

I see so many small businesses who get caught up in the, “I need to publish content on my social media platform” syndrome – basically where they produce the content and there is no clear purpose for it (and a lot of the time it is “empty” or “filler” content).

So, before you produce a piece of content you need to get clear about what it is intended to accomplish.

There are lots of reasons to create content, whether it’s growing your database, increasing subscribers, educating your market about a new product etc etc.

But just putting stuff out for the sake of it or because you think you supposed to, is not a great reason and should be avoided.  

Be sure your content is aligning to a business goal – and in many cases, fewer updates that contain more QUALITY is better than vapid QUANTITY content.

5: Don’t be boring

Education-based marketing can be a great place to start with working out what sort of copy to create for the product or service you are telling your audience about.

BUT – be careful you don’t end up boring your audience with disengaging facts-only posts.

Instead, look to the engaging angles to make the education you provide fascinating and “save worthy”.

Here are some ideas for building engaging copy:

  • Use personality
  • Use great imagery
  • Use your Tag Line
  • Use reader-friendly formatting
  • Use humour
  • Use controversy

Put simply, the more interesting your content the more likely it will be consumed and closer you are to another sale!

Do you find writing the copy for your content easy or hard? What are the things you struggle with the most? I would love to hear your thoughts over in my Like Minded Business Owners Facebook group!


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