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I’ve found myself talking a LOT about boundaries recently with my friends, family, and clients, so decided to make it into a blog topic!

Setting boundaries is an important part of business, especially if you are in a growth or start-up phase.

I’m not a boundary expert and frankly have to call myself on boundaries every now and then, but I thought if I share my thoughts, it might make you start to think about your own boundaries and what that might look like for your business.

Let’s start with marketing boundaries!

I talk a heck of a lot about showing up, human-to-human marketing, having your audience get to know, like and trust you and the fact is they can’t do that if they don’t know you – or you never show up for them and give them the opportunity to get to know you.

But there’s boundaries in this, too, of course.

I definitely want you to show up.

I definitely want your audience to have a chance to get to know you – the real you – not just the ‘work’ version of yourself.

People buy from people they align with, that have the same values, that they trust – so if your audience doesn’t know these things – doesn’t know what you stand for, or trust you, then buying from you is going to be harder for them.

BUT, there are boundaries, right?  And you can change those boundaries too – over time.

That’s certainly been my experience.

And when I say you should let your audience get to know you – I’m talking about not just the work version of yourself – I will say it is still 100% up to you what you share and what you don’t share.  There’s no formula, no rules.

I am sure you follow some oversharers on social media – although I would question whether they really overshare or whether they, too, have boundaries – they just aren’t your boundaries.

I share a lot.  But there’s a lot I don’t share simply because I don’t want to.  I don’t want to today, but maybe next year, next week, tomorrow, I might want to – but for now, I know my boundaries.

What are your boundaries when it comes to content and sharing your story and about yourself?

Why are they your boundaries?  Is it about you? Maybe you’re nervous or think no one would want to know that (whatever that is), or is it about your branding – sharing “that” has no bearing on my brand or doesn’t align with my brand, so I am not sharing that?

Have a think about your marketing boundaries.

Do they need some tinkering, or are they solid?

Remember, great things happen outside your comfort zone, so make sure your boundaries aren’t holding you back.

What are your work & life boundaries?

Of course, the other big boundary you hear about all the time is work/life boundaries.

Personally, I think work/life balance is not really a thing, but a thing life coaches made up to sell their products or services!

It’s not possible or credible.

But you need to love what you do and have boundaries around what you do – AND your boundaries might not look like anyone else’s, and that’s ok!

I work a lot.  I work on weekends, at night, early mornings, work hours – it’s a lot.  I have two amazing businesses, and that takes a lot of time.

But, I do have boundaries, and I try not to take on work that doesn’t suit those boundaries as I learnt a long time ago that some people’s money comes with too many conditions – not everyone’s money is the same!

But I think I do have work and life balance.

An example of one of my days recently, I had breakfast with my bestie, visited my parents, did some podcast interviews, and then went on a road trip with my hubby and daughter and came home and cooked a roast for dinner for the family.

Did I do much work – heck no!  Is there work to be done – frig, yes!  So, doing what I did that day, which was actually on a “typical” working weekday, means that I will be working on the weekend or doing some night work.

Does that worry me?  No, because at the time of my “example day” it was harvest – we are farmers, and during the harvest/hay season I am what I refer to myself as a harvest widow.  Hubby is never really home or just home to eat/sleep, my kids are either at work or helping him at nights/weekends, so it’s just me at home, so I am happy to work. 

I generally refuse to work on other weekends and nights – it can all wait until tomorrow.  But when I am in a busy season of my business (before the calm Christmas/New Year break), and so is my entire family – so it’s more about work than life – and then December/January will be more about life than work.

It’s all swings and roundabouts.

Most people go into business for themselves for some freedom – like my breakfast, visiting, travelling day example.

And for those of us who are the sole person in their business, we realise that if we do things like taking a day for other stuff, we will simply need to make up the time wherever else, because the work literally starts and stops with us.

So, what is your balance like?

If you went into business for yourself for freedom and flexibility – how’s that working out for you?  If not so good, what do you need to change to achieve the level of freedom and flexibility you dreamed of when you went into business?

What other areas in your life do you need to set boundaries?

Here is a little homework for you.

Spend 15 minutes and make a list of boundaries you have and then a list of boundaries you’d like to have in all areas of your life, including marketing boundaries.

If your brain works like mine, the exercise of writing them down might be enough of a nudge, or even spotlighting them by having them pinned in front of you to see every day when you sit down might be what you need to start making small changes toward your boundaries.

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I wish to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land, the Yorta Yorta People, on which I conduct my business today and pay my respects to their Elders past and present. I extend that respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples reading this blog post today.

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Jenn Donovan of Social Media & Marketing Australia.  Jenn’s an expert marketing coach and mentor from rural NSW. She is all about empowering business owners to earn what they’re worth so they can make a bigger difference in the world.  The Founder of Buy From a Bush Business, Co-Founder of Spend With Us – Buy From a Bush Business Marketplace and host of the very popular podcasts Small Business Made Simple and Stories from the Bush. Jenn is all about community and humans interacting with humans!  H2H Marketing – human to human marketing. Jenn talks the talk but importantly walks the walk! Jenn’s online community is over 320,000 with her famous Facebook Group currently at almost 370,000 members and still growing every day.  She’s the mayor of her own little online city!

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Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!

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