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Quirky Branding – Be the unicorn in a field of horses

It’s confronting to think that even with quirky branding, I still have imposter syndrome days.

I’m a qualified primary school teacher. A qualified psychologist. I have a Masters in Organisational Psychology. I have multiple certifications in expressive therapies and Jungian symbol and sandplay therapy. I’ve also done multiple photography courses and worked as a professional photographer for over 15 years.

You’d think I’d earned my stripes by now?

Can I share a secret with you? Shhh don’t tell the world…

There are more days than not, when I feel like an imposter. When I feel like I have much more to learn _before_ I can start reaching for the big goals I have. Thankfully these days I can spot my imposter mindset raise it’s head before it knocks me off-kilter.

What I’ve realised is this…

No amount of study, training or experience will wipe away the deep fear that you aren’t enough

The secret is that our enduring success lurks under the skin, rather than in a university degree. Quirky branding from within, will set your business free!

Now don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe that our credibility is built on our study, training and experience. If you don’t have the goods to back you up, then you are just blowing hot air. But if you are like me and have skills that would rival a grandmaster ninja at black belt status (lol), then your next step is not to find some karate kid to teach ‘wax on and wax off’ skills. (couldn’t help myself).

Your next step is to turn your focus inward and get under your own skin. The aim is quirky branding!

Focus on what YOUR opinion is when you bring together all of your study, training and experience… What is YOUR stance on the world and the clients you work with? I want you to get opinionated BUT with heart. <cue panic around being too egotistical> Remember though….with heart!!

I also want you to get laser focused of what your deep obsession topic is. Rather than a niche that is focused on offerings and client demographics, I want you to get clear on the deep obsession topic that has followed you most of your life.

A great test for you as to whether you are marketing your obsession or if you are stuck using old marketing paradigms is how you answer this question…

“How do you introduce yourself to a room full of clients, talking about your obsession WITHOUT talking about what you do for a living?”

To move beyond the imposter syndrome, you must do the inner work that will unlock your self-leadership. And your quirky brand!

I call it the Unicorn paradigm.

There is this magic that is unseen, mostly, that many of us are searching for…we are looking in all the wrong places for it.

My superpower is that I can help you SEE your UNSEEN.

Stop looking for ways to blend in.

Stop trying to find the right field of horses to be your tribe.

Stop trying to distinguish yourself based on your degrees or how good your customer service is.

There are so many others out there saying the exact same things, and claiming that it is their unique selling point. Good customer service is not a USP!

You are a freakin’ unicorn for heaven’s sake! Full of badass magic! With an epic horn! The stuff of legends. 100% a quirky brand!

You are multi-talented. A multi-hyphener with an impressive list of skills and experience, who can bring a unique perspective to your industry.

You are also unique in your personality. In how you see the world. You are obsessed with things that make you different from every other horse in the field.

You are perhaps a little neuro-spicey (neurodivergent) and/or a little ADHD.

You are no doubt underestimated by many around you.

People make assumptions about you when you try to blend in, leading to you feeling misunderstood by many.

So why are you continuing to run with the horses?

Claim your unicorn magic and reach for your big goals.

“You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” ~ Brene Brown

Time to become your unicorn brand, and find a new field full of other badass unicorns, who are kicking up a storm!

Want help with being able to SEE your UNSEEN, and claim your unicorn status?

Luckily I do this for a living. HA! Doesn’t even feel like work, as I love this stuff….I love this even more than chocolate! (and that’s saying something).

Let’s unleash your quirky brand together!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you could step up into unicorn status in your work and life!!! I DARE you to SEE your UNSEEN.


Narelle Wilson of Volta Consulting’s vision is to bridge the gap between profit and purpose and improve the world one small business at a time. Volta offers new perspectives and practical strategies to build profitable small businesses that drive social change and positively impact the world. Narelle can assist your business with sustainable strategy + planning, financial management, bookkeeping, and social impact.






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Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!


Brilliant – it’s on its way – thanks!

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